About Loren

Nationally renowned fitness expert Loren Bidner brings extreme, out-of-the-box fitness to your everyday. Loren began his career as a ski instructor in Aspen Colorado. He worked on the mountain for four years where he developed a core-strengthening ski exercise program, teaching people how to get the most "fit" out of their day on the mountain.

Next Loren moved to New York where he began teaching Hoopclass, a high-energy cardio workout that centers around the core muscles. Hoopclass has been taught in almost every U.S. state, as well internationally in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Loren Bidner has been featured on the Today Show, Fox News Live and Countdown with Keith Olbermann. Hoopclass was named 2006 Best Class by the New York City guide book Shecky's.

Most recently Loren has partnered with The Sister to Sister Foundation, joining their national campaign and educating women about the health benefits of hooping and how it can prevent heart disease. In December Loren will head overseas, bringing Hoopclass to Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

"I lead hoop classes toward creative dance movement with music. The goal is to achieve total body freedom."

- Loren Bidner