Buying a Hoop
Burn up to 110 calories in 10 minutes
hooping with the Action Hoop

Anyone can hoop with an Action Hoop!

Loren's very own Action Hoops™ are specifically designed for fitness and fun. Each hoop is hand made and is sized to custom-fit any body type. Action Hoops are very different from the hoops you'll find in a toy store. Those hoops are generally for children so they're small and light, which makes them almost impossible for an adult to keep in rotation. Action Hoops are generally three times the size and weight, so they're easier to rotate and keep up, and they encourage a thorough workout. You really can hoop with an Action Hoop!

Order Your Hoop

This form is for U.S. orders only. Call or email for international orders.

1. Customize Your Hoop

Hoop come in various 2-color combinations. Choose from the list below.

Hoops come in 4 sizes and are built to match body weight:

Small (4 - 7 years old), Medium (70 - 175 lbs), Large (140 - 210 lbs) and xlarge (170 - 350 lbs)

Size Color Price Quantity Sub-Total
Small $25 $
Medium $35 $
Large $35 $
X-Large $35 $

Shipping: $
Rush Delivery: $
Grand Total:   $

Shipping Notes:
- Rush Delivery: $25 additional fee for delivery within 5 business days of ordering.
- Hoops ship 2-4 weeks after ordering via USPS Priority Mail
- Cost is calculated per package, max 3 hoops per package
- $10 for 1 hoop, $15 for 2 hoops, $20 for 3 hoops
- Cost for 4+ hoops, see examples

2. Provide Your Shipping Info

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3. Choose a Payment Method

We accept online payments via PayPal, where you can use your credit card. We also accept checks or money orders made payable to "Hoopla Enterprises LLC" and mailed to:

Loren Bidner
350 East 13th St. #7
New York, NY 10003

Payment method:

Have questions? Send an e-mail to


Shipping examples:
4 hoops = 1 pkg of 3 ($20) + 1 pkg of 1 ($10) = $30
5 hoops = 1 pkg of 3 ($20) + 1 pkg of 2 ($15) = $35
6 hoops = 2 pkg of 3 ($20 each) = $40
7 hoops = 2 pkg of 3 ($20 each) + 1 pkg of 1 ($10) = $50


"I hadn't picked up a hoop in at least 30 years. I bought my own hoop and now I practice in the lobby of my building."

Diane D'Angelo, Legal Secretary & Cabaret Singer

"I received my hoop today! What a blast! I haven't laughed this much in YEARS. It made me feel like a silly kid, sticking my butt out and rotating it! Love it! May have to order more!"

Tesa from Garden City, Kansas